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Fire Resistant Cable

Fire Resistant Cable

Fire resistant cables are suitable for fire.

In the event of a fire, wires and cables are required to keep running for a certain period of time to ensure fire suppression and reduce losses. It is widely used in high-rise buildings, nuclear power plants, petroleum, chemical, mining, ships and other occasions requiring high fire safety conditions. It is a necessary cable for emergency power supply, fire pump, elevator and communication signal system.

Comparison of flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables

Heat resistance-it will operate normally at high temperatures, but will not operate normally in the event of a fire.
Fireproof-It can operate normally under burning conditions.
Flame retardants-will not operate normally under fire conditions, but will actively prevent the spread of fire.

Heat-resistant cable

Heat-resistant cables are slightly different from other cables. Heat-resistant or high-temperature cables will not guarantee performance when exposed to flame, but will withstand high temperatures without melting. High temperature cables can guarantee that they will not melt at a high temperature of 125°C. Guarantee the normal operation of use

Fireproof cable

In the process of cable production, our company uses non-flammable high-flame retardant materials in the outer skin structure of the cable. When a fire occurs, it can effectively curb the spread of combustion and ensure the normal operation of use.