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RTD cable-Fiberglass-GG-4NC-24F

  • RTD cable-Fiberglass-GG-4NC-24F
  • RTD cable-Fiberglass-GG-4NC-24F
RTD cable-Fiberglass-GG-4NC-24FRTD cable-Fiberglass-GG-4NC-24F

RTD cable-Fiberglass-GG-4NC-24F

  • Product Item : Model:GG-4NC-24F
  • 4cores Fiberglass/FG
  • Stranded Copper nickel-plated conductor 7*0.2mm
  • MOQ:500m
  • Delivery time: 15 days
  • Product description:This RTD sensors extension cable,wire is 4 cores copper nickel-plated conductor with fiberglass insulation 24AWG.

Material & Dimension Report
Product ID GG-4NC-7*0.20
Conductor Material Cooper Wire plated Nickel
Single Inner Wire DIA 0.2mm
Inner Wire Construction 7 Inner Wires Stranded
Insulator Material Fiberglass
Insulator Color Red-Red-White
Cable Construction 4 Wires Stranded
Jacket Material Fiberglass
Jacket Color White
Insulated DIA ¢1.3 mm
Cable DIA ¢3.4 mm


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Description of RTD and RTD extension cable

An RTD(Resistance temperature detectors) is a temperature sensor which measures temperature that the resistance of a metal changes with temperature. Actually, an electrical current is transmitted through a piece of metal (the RTD element or resistor) located in close to the area where temperature is to be measured. The resistance value of the RTD element is then measured by an instrument. This resistance value is then correlated to temperature based upon the known resistance characteristics of the RTD element.

We offer wide range of RTD extension cables with variety of insulation PVC, FEP, PFA, Silicon, Fiber glass,polymide, etc. Generally copper instrumentation cables are used to interconnecting RTD sensors with your process instrumentation. Resistance in all wires in RTD cables remain almost same to get the best results.

We can produce copper silver-plated conductor, copper tinned conductor and copper nickel-plated conductor in ANSI code, IEC code,etc.

And we can produce according to your requirements(specification).