... N type thermocouple duplex wire Teflon FEP insulation AWG24

TC-FEP/FEP-N type-24F

  • TC-FEP/FEP-N type-24F
TC-FEP/FEP-N type-24F

TC-FEP/FEP-N type-24F

  • Product Item : Model:FF-N-24F
  • Teflon Fep insulated/Teflon Fep out sheath
  • Stranded conductor 7*0.2mm
  • MOQ:500m
  • Delivery time: 15 days
  • Product description:This N type thermocouple duplex wire,cable is telfon FEP insulation FEP out sheath AWG 24.

You can find more specifications below of this thermocouple wire,cable N type teflon FEP insulation.

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Product ID FF-N-7*0.20
Conductor Material Np:Ni-Cr-Si, Nn:Ni-Si-Mg
Single Inner Wire DIA 0.2mm
Inner Wire Construction 7 Inner Wires Stranded
Insulator Material FEP
Insulator Color Np:Orange, Nn:Red
Cable Construction Parallel
Jacket Material FEP
Jacket Color Orange
Insulated DIA 1.0mm
Cable DIA 1.5mm*2.5mm
Net weight 10kg/km