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Index of our thermocouple cable

Index of our thermocouple cable

We, Changzhou Yiyuan High Temperature cable Co., ltd. is a China professional factory, manufacturer, supplier of Thermocouple wire, cable, Thermocouple extension wire since 2010 year.

You can find quickly about your interested infor. of thermocouple wire, cable in our website through this index.

1:Descriptions of thermocouple and thermocouple wire, cable

2:Our thermocouple cable scope in details.

3:All Thermocouple cable list

4:Thermocouple Color code standards and wire insulation identification

5:Our factory photos


The thermocouple is a sensor to measure temperature. It consists of two dissimilar metals that are joined together at the sensing end. Different thermocouple types (e.g. J or K type thermocouple wire) use different mixtures of metals in the cable.

Thermocouple cable is used to manufacture thermocouple probes in order to sense temperature using the point of cold junction compensation (cjc end).

Thermocouple extension wire, cable(lead wire) is used to carry the signal from the thermocouple sensor to the readout devices and maintain a high degree of accuracy. The material of thermocouple extension wire must match the material used in the positive and negative leg of the thermocouple type (e.g. type K, J, N, etc.) being used in the application.

Our TC wire Scopes:

Calibration: K type, J type, T type, E type,, N type,, B type,, RX/SX type, (click links to find related types of wire details).

Insulation Material: Teflon FEP PFA, Fiberglass, Polymide ( Kapton), Silicone Rubber, PVC,High Silica

Inner Braid Material: Copper tinned wire braid  or SSB (steel less steel braid )

Out sheath Material: PVC, Teflon FEP, Teflon PFA, Fiberglass, Polymide (Kapton), Silicone Rubber, High Silica

Outer Braid Material: SSB (steel less steel braid )